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Wedding Photography: Charting the Big Day

Outlining your day is essential in figuring out on how many hours are needed for the big day. By having a general outline of your wedding day, you will also raise some questions for the day such as; would you want photographs of the bridal party getting ready? Or would you want as many shots as the groom and groomsmen as you would with the bride and the bridesmaids pre wedding? Or how much detail of the day would you want get documented? Wedding dress, shoes, flowers, rings and decorations?

Putting a timing on Pre and Post Ceremony 

Aspects of the timeline would be the length of the ceremony, travel time and location of the reception. The time of travel greatly has a big impact on the estimation of hours needed and continuous photo coverage is typical. For example, if you have around 45-minute travel time from the ceremony to the reception, make sure to add that to the estimation and with the coverage time even if the travel is documented or not. Be attentive to the ceremony as well. Take note not only how long the ceremony is but also on how long it would take for you to leave.

Covering the Reception

Now after the ceremony, guests would be heading to the reception venue and this is where most of the wedding couple’s pictures will be taken. Try to think ahead of what kind of special things and activities on the reception that you would want to be documented properly. Typical activities are special dances, speeches, cutting the cake, bouquet and the garter toss. After you have an idea of how long the day might be, you can now take a look at the package details the photographer is offering. Also, give yourself buffer time as sometimes, things might not go as planned and it is better to have everything documented than losing the chance for special moments to be captured just because the time ran out.

Some More Options

Many photographers provide for standard 8 hour packages and others also cater to smaller weddings that would require less time than the standard. Some photographers also bundle video and photo booth services with their photography packages. Should you be interested, it is advised to find a company that offers all three. This is because not only you save some expenses but also you have the added convenience of dealing with one point of contact instead of three.