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Ways How an Open Photo Booth Improves an Event Marketing Strategy

Around 93% of all human communication is all visual content. It then makes sense that a photo booth would ring well with both large and small crowds. Whether the event be a trade show, a product launch or a formal conference – an open air photo booth can help event marketers with generating leads, building relationships and networks and brand awareness.

Building a Brand Community with Social Engagement

Taking the photo is just only the beginning. Event marketers can increase social engagement by having the photo booth equipped with social sharing functions for guests to instantly share their photos with a range of channels. A very good idea (and is a best practice) is to set your photo booth social sharing with a pre set text, such as a brand or event hashtag, to track how much of a ROI from the photo booth campaign after the event. Take note, photos that are posted on Facebook generate 55% more likes than that of the average post. There is indeed a large opportunity for a ripple effect in awareness for your online community with a photo sharing capability on your rented photo booth.

Increase Involvement from Guests

When planning an event at a larger scale, it is required that the details are rigorously and meticulously planned out months ahead of time. It is one common error that event marketers miss is that, they fail to answer a basic question: “What will my guests do?” At an average, trade show guests walk around the event for 8.3 hours a day and if you are hoping that music alone will entertain them is not actually a good idea. An open air photo booth not only attracts guests but also acts as an icebreaker to engage them. To add, photo booths can be utilized to support lead generation by having guests sign up with their email addresses either before or after they use it.

Generating Print Collateral On-Site

It will not be a photo booth if guests are not able to secure a print out. Photo booths have moved along and are evolved from the black and white strip days. Print templates are now made to be highly customized and the today’s print technology allows delivery in under 20 seconds. This will save some attendees from the awkward feeling of waiting around or even, walking away without their branded photo print.