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Questions to Ask When Renting a School Prom Photo Booth

With more and more of the schools are now able to organize sophisticated events to mark their final term at school. Many schools now include on their prom budget the rent of photo booths and with the expectation of students rising year after year, it is vital to get the details correct and to the point. Our blog will give you the basic 5 questions you must ask your provider when looking to rent a photo booth.

  1. Photo Booth Backdrops – With time and effort goes into organizing a school prom, you would want to make that the photo prints the students will be enduring enough also to form a lasting memory not only about the event by itself but also of the event we all so love or otherwise. With most photo booths, there will always be a choice of either a plain or digital backdrops in which the students can step in front of. You can also opt to have it incorporated the theme of the prom or even have a picture of the school. Ask the supplier for your specifications and have an early agreement on what backdrop you would choose.
  2. Props – An important part of the school prom is about dressing up and this extends to the fun of the photo booth. Ask the prospect supplier if they would include props that students can wear in the booth. They type of props would normally include hats, masks, wigs, and feather boas.
  3. Size of the Photo Booth – Most students are a bit candid at parties and the school prom is not an exception. From arriving at the prom in group limos to congregating outside in small groups, they will without a doubt would be crowding in the photo booth. A good suggestion to accommodate large groups is to rent an open air photo booth.
  4. Social Media Capacity – Some photo booths have the capability of some photo booths can post directly to social media and users can share or tag the photos on the photos they appear in. It is important to ask you photo booth provider about their social media capabilities, and if a live Facebook upload is possible.

It is exactly not rocket science to finding the perfect photo booth for the event. If you have some more inquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (720) 515-6728.