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Planning the Ideal Spring Wedding

Spring is a time for new beginnings. It is filled with colors and life of blossoming flowers, warm days and leafy trees and what time for two people to mark the start of their live together? Photo Booth Rentals Denver understands all the basics in having a spring wedding that is as vibrant as the season itself and with this in mind, here are some ideas in creating the ideal spring wedding that is to be remembered for a lifetime.

Taking advantage of the season

There might be some slight chill in the air, weddings should take advantage of the warmer weather and the natural beauty of the outdoors during the months of spring. Though the weather can be better, it is best to be mindful of the weather as it can become unpredictable.

Light, right and healthy food

Planning meals for a spring wedding is simple and easy as the season presents abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables to choose from. The classic favorites are steamed asparagus, salad greens and fresh snap peas. All of these choices can be drizzled with the dressing of your choice and will make a very good pairing for the main course. Now, it is the main dish that is where you can get creative and serve a variety of different cooking styles for some traditional meals. In staying safe, you can not go wrong with grilled chicken, lamb racks and some fish fillet. Be mindful of the dessert as no wedding is done right without it. Cheesecake topped with fresh fruit or some strawberries dipped in chocolate or even some lemon meringue tarts can be added to the dessert menu.

Finding you Flowers

Springtime is the best time for all those blossoming flowers. Flowers is also a good place to start and find inspiration in finding your theme colors. Let the season of spring inspire you with all the various florals that are showing up during the time such as tulips, lilies, daisies and roses. They also pair beautifully and will create an original and colorful arrangement.

Booking early

Suppliers and wedding vendors are more likely to be booked well in advance during this busy time for weddings. Be sure to contact, select and arrange all your favorites early; photo booth, caterers, venue, and even transportation. This way, you are saving yourself the potential disappointment and the heartaches if things do not generally go as planned. Today, most companies give you the extra convenience in securing the future date and holding the appointment with a deposit in advance so even if you are still planning for the menu, color, theme of your wedding, you can reserve away.