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Photo Booth Rentals: Prom Planning Guide

Prom. The event is fast approaching and is only in a few months. You and other students on the committee may already have booked the venue, picked and finalized the theme and now are working on the proms details. When considering for your on-site entertainment, make sure that you are to include to rent a photo booth.

Making the Invitations

Although some students will not decide if they will or will not attend the prom basing on how tempting the invitations would look as the invitation is a sentimental part of prom, especially for the senior class who would be departing soon. The invitation should include the basics; time, date and location and the invitation should match the prom theme. Also, when planning the invitation, make sure to agree on one that is not only informative but also worth holding on to.

Choosing a Venue

Some schools hold their proms in the gymnasium or auditorium while some take the dance to an off-campus location. Try to think big and outside the box and let creativity inspire you. Have the prom team check into ballrooms, hotels, riverboats, convention centers or some fancy restaurants too.

How to Pick a Theme 

If you are a bit stuck for prom theme ideas, try to grab catalogs on party decorations. It is easier to choose for a theme or to draw inspiration in creating your own when you can see some options. Pick a few ideas that you would think that appeals for everyone and then have the committee to vote on the motif. The same idea goes in picking for the prom song. Choose around five or six popular songs and have everyone vote for the song.

Booking a Photo Booth

In addition to all the fun, memories and excite a photo booth brings to any event, there are so many reasons as to why you would want to rent a photo booth for your prom. Photo booths help people to mingle and gives the opportunity to meet others. It is truly amazing to see people who are tad shy, avoiding attention, to be acting silly and having a good time in the booth. Also, people do love to have souvenirs of themselves. Photo booth pictures are indeed an amazing party favor. We all can find these photos on people’s fridge doors or in office tables and often, these photos stay there for the years to come.