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How to Plan the Perfect 40th Party!

They say “Life begins at 40,” and that’s why you should celebrate this milestone in your life Welcome the best years of your life with a party that lets you embrace this new chapter in your life with fun, excitement and love. We’ve got ideas for the perfect 40 th birthday bash – have a look!

Indulge in good food

Chances are, if you’re turning 40, you’re one of two things: surrounded by friends who have their own families, or you have your own family around you. Celebrate with your loved ones around you by choosing a theme that revolves around food. A dinner and wine tasting party is an elegant way of celebrating your birthday, but you can also opt for a BBQ and beer type of get-together. You can also choose your favorite restaurant – reserve a private room for your family if your party has a program. It’s all about intimate moments with your loved ones, sharing stories and laughs as you eat together.

Welcome your 40s with a themed party

If you want something more exciting than an intimate dinner with family and friends, why not do a themed party based on the decade of your life you enjoyed the most, your favorite show, or any other favorite that you may have? You can go back to the 80s, the 90s or Y2K and have your guests dressed up according to the decade. Or are you a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek? Then go geeky! You can even do a luau theme and decide to hold your party at the beach – it’s entirely up to you. Feel free to indulge – you’ve earned it!

Prepare a photo slideshow and a photo op session

Look back at the past four decades of your life with a photo slideshow showing the different stages of your life. Make new memories afterwards by staging a photo op session – get a photographer or rent your own photo booth complete with props for a more fun experience!

Hit the casinos

You’re at an age where you’re stable and entitled to more than a few indulgences, so give in to the temptation! Include a casino (or two, or three, depending on your energy level) in your list of party stops. Bring your friends and try your hand at the tables, because you’ll never know when Lady Luck will be on your side. If you’re a member of a casino and they know it’s your birthday, you might even get a special treat!

Throw a party for a cause

How about making your 40 th birthday mean something not just to you, but to the people around you? Be the philanthropist and throw your 40 th birthday party in honor of your favorite charity. Instead of requesting gifts for yourself, tell your family and friends to make a donation. You’ll be enjoying your celebration AND making a difference to the world – that’s the best way to welcome your 40s!