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How to Make an Impact at Trade Shows with Photo Booths

Trade shows are all about the experience. A lively trade show often has art installations, loud music, some mascots and lots of vibrant, interactive booths. Ultimately, you would want your guests to your booth to remember your showcase and more importantly, to engage with your product. A successful trade show would have generated a fair amount of leads for which creates measurable return on investment. Adding a photo booth to your trade show booth will certainly be an effective way on how you would attract more foot traffic and leads. Here are some ways that photo booths can create the buzz for your brand and how it can transform any exhibitor space from the usual to brilliant.

Driving Traffic 

People do love taking pictures and especially if they take pictures of themselves. Having a photo booth as a piece creates immediate interest and will start attracting visitors toward your booth for a fun and memorable souvenir. Naturally, photo booths is a group experience, so you will notice that it is rare that individuals would like to take pictures alone and as groups of visitors wait in line to get their picture taken, you can take this window of opportunity to promote your services or products and get to know your customers or clients on a more personal level. Get to exchange calling cards, shake their hands and answer questions. The line creates a perfect opportunity to network.

Taking Advantage of Social Media

We can help you with custom prints. To create a modern, lasting impression, develop a social media campaign surrounding your trade show stand’s photo booth picture. Feature a Facebook link, Twitter hashtag, Twitter handle on the photo booth backdrop and on the background for pictures.

Create a Lounge Guests Can Hang Out

Trade shows are busy events for both attendees and booth owners and it is more likely that taking a break will become a fast becoming luxury. A photo booth can become a wonderful centerpiece item because it allows people to kick back and relax while taking snapshots with their friends. Trade show attendees will then associate the photo booth with a positive, fun experience and will spur them to be back again the following year.

Making an Impact After the Event is Over

After the day of setting up, networking, promoting and cleaning up, you would want your trade show booth to have made the lasting impression even the event is over. To add to photo booth participants sharing their pictures online via their social media accounts, you can drive back trade show visitors back to your website by creating a landing page to showcase all the pictures that are taken that day. Page visitors can scroll through the hundreds of pictures taken and enjoy browsing through other pictures too.

With a photo booth, every visitor is the star of the show, while simultaneously creating the hype to surround your brand.