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How to Hashtag Your Wedding

In the analog age, most wedding couples used to have disposable cameras on reception tables to allow guests, friends and family to take wedding photos during the day. While this idea is still popular, the method of capturing the moments have changed; these days, advances in camera technology in smart phones have made taking photos creative and candid easier than before.

Today, it is sure that people have their phones out taking photos, and this makes it easier and faster to see them. Instead of waiting for weeks for the professionally taken photos to be developed, you can almost simultaneously see the pics on phones, handheld devices and on social media.

Many social media sites use tagging. Some social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allows users to use hashtags to help filter on what people posts on their personal profiles.

To hashtag your wedding, here are some simple ideas to start with.

  1. Making it unique and personal – to stand out among the clutter, try to make the hashtag unique and something personal to you. A one-of-a-kind hashtag makes sure that you, family, friends and guests are viewing only the photos from your big day and not somebody else’s photos.
  2. Keeping it short and simple – you would want your hashtag to be used so keeping it simple enough to remember and be spelt correctly would be the right decision. If you have a long or have some quirky spelling to it, it is wise to revise it to make sure it will be easy to everyone.
  3. Spreading the word – we recommend to include your hashtag to all your wedding materials such as napkins, place settings, banner on the bar, coasters and with your save the date mailers. Signage for your hashtag is critical if you would want guests to tag their photos. Just do not over do it. Make sure that it does not clutter the wedding but instead, give a gentle reminder to tag and share the fun.
  4. Avoiding punctuations and symbols – Remember, hashtags should only contain letters and numbers. #John&Marsha-17 might look cute but by looking at the hashtag, it will just cut off right after #John because the ampersand (the & sign) will break the hashtag. Use just letters and numbers.

We at Photo Booth Rentals Denver, have a lot of experience with social media and with the hashtag game. We also bring in a ton of fun with our open air photo booths. Capture all the fun memories of your big day that will last a lifetime!