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DIY Photo Booth vs. Photo Booth Rental

DIY Photo Booth vs. Photo Booth Rental

Today, no party is complete without a photo booth and there is no denial in that. Photo booths of today are also an expected entertainment feature at most parties and weddings. A photo booth is one of the best way to capture all those wonderful memories and create a lasting keepsake and of course a lot of fun.

For your wedding, are you considering cutting costs and creating your own DIY photo booth? There are few current trends such as polaroid cameras, disposable cameras and even getting your official photographer to set up a photo station to simulate a photo booth idea. The general feedback in regards with these alternatives is that they are a hit and miss when gauging its success. If you are daring enough, here are some good points to consider:

Photo Booth Rental

The standard photo booth rental comes with all what it needs to be working. Camera, lights, printer, backdrop, props. With Photo Booth Rentals Denver, it also comes with a professional to help with the operation of the photo booth and makes sure everything works as it should.

The photo prints will also be printed almost instantly after the booth participants took their pictures in the booth. The prints can be brought home as keepsakes of your wedding and you can keep one print of every picture for you to organize and add to your photo booth. We also give out all of the digital copies to the newlyweds that is taken during the event. You use them and post it on your social media accounts!

Make sure you read the fine print on your agreement with the photo booth provider as some might come inexpensive. Also, make arrangements with the photo booth provider to avoid extra costs.

DIY Photo Booth

Prepare yourself for some work ahead of you if you are to decide on this option. Although it will require time and effort it will surely be the photo booth that you have in your mind. It will also be a fun experience as you can build it with family and friends. With you in control, you get to pick how should it look, what props must it have, the backdrop and a whole lot more.

Cost. You can control on how much or as little as you want. To further get your costs down, you can use everyday materials that you already have such as old blankets, sheets, or picture frames for your backdrop. The same idea can also be done with the props.

Take note if you are choosing the DIY route, consider who will be taking photos, how you would set up and break down of the equipment as surely they are considered as good investments. Even with the printing of the photos, make sure that everyone will get a photo print to take home.

Whatever choice you will have, having a photo booth at your wedding will surely be a hit and will add to the fun factor for you and your guests.