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Benefits of Renting Branded Photo Booth

If you are planning to hold an event to create brand awareness, reach out to new prospects and collect data, then a photo booth is the perfect tool to do the requirements. Not only does a photo booth offer a low-cost and effective solution to marketing and promoting your services and brand, it also offers […]


Big Tips in Securing Conference Sponsors

When you have had the experience in launching conferences, you would learn quite a bit what event and conference planners go through in all aspects of the organizing the event. More importantly on the financial point of view, how to secure enough sponsors will require a lot of foresight and preparation. What is in it […]


How to Hashtag Your Wedding

In the analog age, most wedding couples used to have disposable cameras on reception tables to allow guests, friends and family to take wedding photos during the day. While this idea is still popular, the method of capturing the moments have changed; these days, advances in camera technology in smart phones have made taking photos […]


Planning the Ideal Spring Wedding

Spring is a time for new beginnings. It is filled with colors and life of blossoming flowers, warm days and leafy trees and what time for two people to mark the start of their live together? Photo Booth Rentals Denver understands all the basics in having a spring wedding that is as vibrant as the […]


Wedding Photography: Charting the Big Day

Outlining your day is essential in figuring out on how many hours are needed for the big day. By having a general outline of your wedding day, you will also raise some questions for the day such as; would you want photographs of the bridal party getting ready? Or would you want as many shots […]