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Photo Booth Rentals Denver - Big Tips in Securing Conference Sponsors

Big Tips in Securing Conference Sponsors

When you have had the experience in launching conferences, you would learn quite a bit what event and conference planners go through in all aspects of the organizing the event. More importantly on the financial point of view, how to secure enough sponsors will require a lot of foresight and preparation.

What is in it for them?

The bottom line of securing sponsors is sales. You should be able to think what would it be for the prospective sponsor. Would they fit to the targeted audience? What is being seen as a deliverable and what probable metrics are there to show if the sponsorship is a success or not. Many event organizers do not answer the third question but if you do, you are setting yourself apart and would be able to close the loop once the conference is over to determine, if the overall goal of the sponsorship is proven a success with them.

Develop different sponsorship levels

It does not need to be complicated like levels 1, 2 and three but also, try to give individual choices that will attract sponsors that will have some unique benefits such as having an extra drink during the happy hour, be the sponsor of an open air photo booth and such. This will definitely provide a better opportunity to upsell.

Present a captivating deck

The vision for the event is important but it is important for the details to be presented and what your sponsors are able to receive and at what cost. This will make it easier for the prospective sponsor to disseminate the information to their organization easily.

Create a lower budget range for small companies and industry newcomers 

Sometimes a lower sponsorship threshold can help get even more companies to be involved. That would mean that with more companies, there would be more extra funds. That is not just it, these sponsors can help get the word out to their respective communities and audiences helping to bolster attendance.

Getting caught up with big brand names without proper connections

If you think that a company as big Ford Motors is the perfect sponsor for your event but you do not exactly have the right connections, it will be more likely to be an uphill battle. Even more challenging if the event is not well known. But, that is not an indication that you cannot use the current event as a credential in building that relationship towards the following year’s event sponsor. Think over the long term benefits and invite some key people as special guests. Make sure to provide value and build that relationship. That will help in getting your foot in their door for next year’s event sponsorship.

Start sowing the seeds for the following year’s corporate sponsors

You can get to reach an agreement to keep the current sponsorship pricing with this year’s sponsors for the next. To get this to work on your favor, you must have thought how all your sponsors will have an exceptional experience on the event while keep it aligned with their marketing goals.