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Benefits of Renting Branded Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rentals Denver

Benefits of Renting Branded Photo Booth

If you are planning to hold an event to create brand awareness, reach out to new prospects and collect data, then a photo booth is the perfect tool to do the requirements. Not only does a photo booth offer a low-cost and effective solution to marketing and promoting your services and brand, it also offers a value added solution for social media channels and beyond for your company.

Exclusive Branding

We work with our clients in designing a photo booth according to brand requirements, image and the over all branding guidelines. We have an experienced design team that will work with you to create the perfect design for your corporate photo booth rental. You will get to see the design process and approve the final design before we go ahead and brand the photo booth exclusively for you. You can also use your messaging with the booth to create more of a promotional push.

Increase Engagement

Engagement with your customers is essential and plays an important role during the event and a photo booth provides the perfect platform to engage with them. Not only does a photo booth act as an attraction and a good conversation starter, it also creates a buzz around your brand. Better engagement with customers would mean that you can talk to them with the latest product offerings and create a better dialogue. Customers will have the impression that your brand is approachable and the easy feeling that surrounds the booth will also help you collect data more pleasantly and easily.

Creating Lasting Perceptions

How customers perceive your brand can make or break it. It is crucial to give a strong brand association. By having a branded photo booth, it enables you to create a positive image and that they can take away these strong impressions of your brand away in the form of photo booth shots. Not only that, you are guaranteed that they will show these photo booth prints to co-workers, friends and family.

Social Media Mileage

Not only do clients have fun on the day with your branded photo booth, they also now have the extended fun of sharing with your brand online via their own social media account. Because the photos are uploaded onto your Facebook page it is a great marketing tool to get more Likes to hence extending your audience reach and overall brand awareness.

Adding Spice to Your Event with a Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rentals Denver

Adding Spice to Your Event with a Photo Booth

Adding a photo booth to an event can can help spice it up in so many ways, especially when it comes to corporate events. In our lifetime, we have been at least attended one corporate event and these types of events usually needs to be spiced up with little or memorable amount of fun they are more likely to give a hint of a bore. This is usually because corporate events do require a degree of seriousness and company wide discussion.

Here are some very good ways the addition of a photo booth can help bring the fun to your event.

1. The Photo Booth

This is a given. Due to the nature of corporate events that can spring off a serious, tense or stiff feeling, adding a photo booth is a good way to get some conversations going. Not only will attendees will have fun sharing and have a fun and memorable takeaway, it will also lighten up the mood and get some excitement going.

2. Pure Entertainment

You would want every guest to enjoy themselves during the event. Apart from the music, dancing, and drinks, what else is there to do? By renting a photo booth, it adds an exciting touch to your event and as such, be the center of attention for guests and hosts. The booth gives everyone chance to let their hair down and really just enjoy the moment, and most of all guaranteeing your party will be well documented and talked about for many weeks to come.

3. Good Way to Break the Ice

Sometimes, even on big parties, it needs time to really warm up and it does not matter if guests are familiar with each other. If you are looking for a fun way to break the boredom and the awkwardness that comes with it, rent an open air photo booth. A photo booth actually boosts interaction. Let us all face it, nobody would want to take lonely photos at an event. The photo booth is alluring and once guests would try it out, it’ll be sure that they would want to have a picture taken with everyone.

4. Lighting

Lighting is overly underestimated and not properly prepared for in events. While lighting might not be as important to some, it actually is important in setting the tone of the environment for the event. You may refer to it as mood lighting, it consists of a visual effect that would be appreciated by your guests. Start with your company colors, the season’s colors as several lighting options can be customized specifically for your event.

There you have it, here are some few reasons why renting a photo booth for your corporate event is a great way to go. Contact us now and let us make it happen!

Photo Booth Rentals Denver - Big Tips in Securing Conference Sponsors

Big Tips in Securing Conference Sponsors

When you have had the experience in launching conferences, you would learn quite a bit what event and conference planners go through in all aspects of the organizing the event. More importantly on the financial point of view, how to secure enough sponsors will require a lot of foresight and preparation.

What is in it for them?

The bottom line of securing sponsors is sales. You should be able to think what would it be for the prospective sponsor. Would they fit to the targeted audience? What is being seen as a deliverable and what probable metrics are there to show if the sponsorship is a success or not. Many event organizers do not answer the third question but if you do, you are setting yourself apart and would be able to close the loop once the conference is over to determine, if the overall goal of the sponsorship is proven a success with them.

Develop different sponsorship levels

It does not need to be complicated like levels 1, 2 and three but also, try to give individual choices that will attract sponsors that will have some unique benefits such as having an extra drink during the happy hour, be the sponsor of an open air photo booth and such. This will definitely provide a better opportunity to upsell.

Present a captivating deck

The vision for the event is important but it is important for the details to be presented and what your sponsors are able to receive and at what cost. This will make it easier for the prospective sponsor to disseminate the information to their organization easily.

Create a lower budget range for small companies and industry newcomers 

Sometimes a lower sponsorship threshold can help get even more companies to be involved. That would mean that with more companies, there would be more extra funds. That is not just it, these sponsors can help get the word out to their respective communities and audiences helping to bolster attendance.

Getting caught up with big brand names without proper connections

If you think that a company as big Ford Motors is the perfect sponsor for your event but you do not exactly have the right connections, it will be more likely to be an uphill battle. Even more challenging if the event is not well known. But, that is not an indication that you cannot use the current event as a credential in building that relationship towards the following year’s event sponsor. Think over the long term benefits and invite some key people as special guests. Make sure to provide value and build that relationship. That will help in getting your foot in their door for next year’s event sponsorship.

Start sowing the seeds for the following year’s corporate sponsors

You can get to reach an agreement to keep the current sponsorship pricing with this year’s sponsors for the next. To get this to work on your favor, you must have thought how all your sponsors will have an exceptional experience on the event while keep it aligned with their marketing goals.

wedding hashtag - photo booth rentals denver

How to Hashtag Your Wedding

In the analog age, most wedding couples used to have disposable cameras on reception tables to allow guests, friends and family to take wedding photos during the day. While this idea is still popular, the method of capturing the moments have changed; these days, advances in camera technology in smart phones have made taking photos creative and candid easier than before.

Today, it is sure that people have their phones out taking photos, and this makes it easier and faster to see them. Instead of waiting for weeks for the professionally taken photos to be developed, you can almost simultaneously see the pics on phones, handheld devices and on social media.

Many social media sites use tagging. Some social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allows users to use hashtags to help filter on what people posts on their personal profiles.

To hashtag your wedding, here are some simple ideas to start with.

  1. Making it unique and personal – to stand out among the clutter, try to make the hashtag unique and something personal to you. A one-of-a-kind hashtag makes sure that you, family, friends and guests are viewing only the photos from your big day and not somebody else’s photos.
  2. Keeping it short and simple – you would want your hashtag to be used so keeping it simple enough to remember and be spelt correctly would be the right decision. If you have a long or have some quirky spelling to it, it is wise to revise it to make sure it will be easy to everyone.
  3. Spreading the word – we recommend to include your hashtag to all your wedding materials such as napkins, place settings, banner on the bar, coasters and with your save the date mailers. Signage for your hashtag is critical if you would want guests to tag their photos. Just do not over do it. Make sure that it does not clutter the wedding but instead, give a gentle reminder to tag and share the fun.
  4. Avoiding punctuations and symbols – Remember, hashtags should only contain letters and numbers. #John&Marsha-17 might look cute but by looking at the hashtag, it will just cut off right after #John because the ampersand (the & sign) will break the hashtag. Use just letters and numbers.

We at Photo Booth Rentals Denver, have a lot of experience with social media and with the hashtag game. We also bring in a ton of fun with our open air photo booths. Capture all the fun memories of your big day that will last a lifetime!

brand activation - photo booth rentals denver

Ways How an Open Photo Booth Improves an Event Marketing Strategy

Around 93% of all human communication is all visual content. It then makes sense that a photo booth would ring well with both large and small crowds. Whether the event be a trade show, a product launch or a formal conference – an open air photo booth can help event marketers with generating leads, building relationships and networks and brand awareness.

Building a Brand Community with Social Engagement

Taking the photo is just only the beginning. Event marketers can increase social engagement by having the photo booth equipped with social sharing functions for guests to instantly share their photos with a range of channels. A very good idea (and is a best practice) is to set your photo booth social sharing with a pre set text, such as a brand or event hashtag, to track how much of a ROI from the photo booth campaign after the event. Take note, photos that are posted on Facebook generate 55% more likes than that of the average post. There is indeed a large opportunity for a ripple effect in awareness for your online community with a photo sharing capability on your rented photo booth.

Increase Involvement from Guests

When planning an event at a larger scale, it is required that the details are rigorously and meticulously planned out months ahead of time. It is one common error that event marketers miss is that, they fail to answer a basic question: “What will my guests do?” At an average, trade show guests walk around the event for 8.3 hours a day and if you are hoping that music alone will entertain them is not actually a good idea. An open air photo booth not only attracts guests but also acts as an icebreaker to engage them. To add, photo booths can be utilized to support lead generation by having guests sign up with their email addresses either before or after they use it.

Generating Print Collateral On-Site

It will not be a photo booth if guests are not able to secure a print out. Photo booths have moved along and are evolved from the black and white strip days. Print templates are now made to be highly customized and the today’s print technology allows delivery in under 20 seconds. This will save some attendees from the awkward feeling of waiting around or even, walking away without their branded photo print.

team building - photo booth rentals denver

Photo Booth Rentals in Denver: Team Building

Growing a business will take more than one person. It is more likely that a group of highly talented people is hired and they play an all important roles to keep the business going smooth. When a group of people is put together in achieving a common goal, they always do not always develop into a strong team right away. If employees do not seem to work well together or you would like to put a little pause, it might be a good time to facilitate some bonding and boost motivation. To some, team building activities may look ridiculous and silly to some but in reality, they bring value for you and your employees, here are some general ideas for team building.

Trying Something New as a Team 

Take time out from work and have a day of fun. Go out of the office and try playing some sports like basketball or badminton for the first time or try something exciting like wall climbing. Experiencing a new adventure together is a wonderful way to connect and bond. Everyone would also be encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone in a fun atmosphere while strengthening relationships in and out of the working environment.

Giving Back to the Community

Choose a day when everyone would be able to have time off from work and give back to the community as a team. Start by picking a charity that can benefit from a day of hands-on help and the team, working together to make a difference. Helping others is a great way to connect and bond on a more personal level as well as adding a feel good element to the team along with supporting an important cause.

Hosting a Surprise Party

Do not wait for the holidays to have a fun get together when in fact, you can have celebrations at anytime of the year. Throw a mid-season party and give everyone a time to relax and bond. Also, try adding an interactive element to the celebration such as cocktail-making competition or a sports fest so that everyone is encouraged to join the group challenge. Do not forget to rent a photo booth so you are able to save the memories and keep the fun photos in your office walls as a constant reminder of the culture you have that drives the business venture.

By providing you team opportunities to connect and have fun outside of the work-related meetings and teleconferences will boost employee or team morale as well as your corporate culture, keep your best employees around and making the staff work more productively as a team. If done right, these intangible results will be invaluable for your business.

questions to ask - photo booth rentals denver

Questions to Ask When Renting a Photo Booth

Are you considering to rent a photo booth for your special day? It is crucial to make sure that you hire a professional photo booth service that can provide you with a photo booth rental that would include photo booth props, quality pictures and all of the shebang that you would want for your big event.

If you have not had the fun experience of renting a photo booth before, there some things that you would know make sure you ask before signing the fine print.

How big is the booth?

When most people think of photo booths, they are quickly reminded on the clunky things that they see at the mall or at train stations. Those are the tiny little booths that can comfortably sit usually just one or two people at a time. Maybe three or four if everyone would squeeze it. Today’s open air photo booths can accommodate a much larger and can even fit in an entire party, making it a wonderful choice for fun and candid group shots at your big event. A photo booth is a perfect substitute to passing disposable cameras and you in the end, would be hoping for those perfect shots.

How is the quality of the photo print?

Photo Booth Rentals Denver provides the best photo booth rentals that offer high quality images for both you and your guests. We only use high resolution DSLR cameras and top quality professional grade lighting in order to get the best possible results. You can even enlarge the digital photos, when printed, without losing photo quality. We also take fast instant prints, high end printers to give your guests instant delight for all the custom photo strips. That is why photo booths make for the great party favors for your guests to take home with them to remember and cherish the event for the years to come.

Are digital copies provided?

This is another question that you must ask; would there be digital copes of the photos to be provided? This is a wonderful way to collect photos that were taken while you are pre-occupied during the party. A digital copy is provided of all photos taken on the booth and photo strips. With the digital copies, all pictures can be uploaded to social media or shared through email, helping you and your guests share and tag fun photos at an instant.

graduation party - photo booth rentals denver

Graduating Party Planning: Helping You Plan the Celebration

Planning a graduation party might sound or give you the impression that it will be stressful but in the real world, it is a lot of fun. Whether you will be having a party at home, or your are on the graduation committee at school, we have some interesting graduation party planning ideas to get you started.

Storing Memories in a Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are an amazing way to collect memories for special occasions. Set up a scrapbook area or a booth to which graduates can write comments and well-wishes. If you have a photo booth at your event, the graduates can also add these photos as well as it adds to personal touch and will create priceless memories.

Get the Puns in Your Menu  

While everyone loves a good barbecue, it is always a good idea to try something new and imaginative. The menu for your party can have a great opportunity to be as creative as you would want to be as there are unlimited options to choose from. With the idea of puns, they might be cheesy to some but is actually a great way for the grads to have a big bite on the treats.

Offering a Unique Photographic Experience

Cameras from mobile devices and smartphones, as well as photos taken by the official photographer are great options to get the moments captured. By offering photos, you can have everyone decorate their photos with stickers and with colorful pens. Graduates can also either take them home or add them to the scrap book. If you have the space, we highly suggest to rent a photo booth. Photo booth rentals are quickly growing as a trend in the graduation party space as it graduates can instantly print photos, which are an amazing keepsakes, or have them posted and shared on their own social media accounts.

Decorate with School Colors

From fresh flowers, hanging garlands and choosing tablecloths, decorations offer a lot of opportunities to showcase your school colors. When it comes to placing flowers throughout the party, you have options. Pick bouquets that combine schools colors, or choose a single arrangement that has one shade and another with a different shade.

Creating a Social Media Hashtag

Graduation party attendees are most likely to snap photos with their phones and with their mobile devices. You can encourage to share their photos on social media with a unique hashtag. Ideally, the hashtag would have the graduate’s name or the graduation batch. Before you start to use the hashtag, make sure that you are the only one using it. Search the hashtag with search engines (Google) to make sure that it is not already being used.

prom planning - photo booth rentals denver

Photo Booth Rentals: Prom Planning Guide

Prom. The event is fast approaching and is only in a few months. You and other students on the committee may already have booked the venue, picked and finalized the theme and now are working on the proms details. When considering for your on-site entertainment, make sure that you are to include to rent a photo booth.

Making the Invitations

Although some students will not decide if they will or will not attend the prom basing on how tempting the invitations would look as the invitation is a sentimental part of prom, especially for the senior class who would be departing soon. The invitation should include the basics; time, date and location and the invitation should match the prom theme. Also, when planning the invitation, make sure to agree on one that is not only informative but also worth holding on to.

Choosing a Venue

Some schools hold their proms in the gymnasium or auditorium while some take the dance to an off-campus location. Try to think big and outside the box and let creativity inspire you. Have the prom team check into ballrooms, hotels, riverboats, convention centers or some fancy restaurants too.

How to Pick a Theme 

If you are a bit stuck for prom theme ideas, try to grab catalogs on party decorations. It is easier to choose for a theme or to draw inspiration in creating your own when you can see some options. Pick a few ideas that you would think that appeals for everyone and then have the committee to vote on the motif. The same idea goes in picking for the prom song. Choose around five or six popular songs and have everyone vote for the song.

Booking a Photo Booth

In addition to all the fun, memories and excite a photo booth brings to any event, there are so many reasons as to why you would want to rent a photo booth for your prom. Photo booths help people to mingle and gives the opportunity to meet others. It is truly amazing to see people who are tad shy, avoiding attention, to be acting silly and having a good time in the booth. Also, people do love to have souvenirs of themselves. Photo booth pictures are indeed an amazing party favor. We all can find these photos on people’s fridge doors or in office tables and often, these photos stay there for the years to come.

spring wedding - photo booth rentals denver

Planning the Ideal Spring Wedding

Spring is a time for new beginnings. It is filled with colors and life of blossoming flowers, warm days and leafy trees and what time for two people to mark the start of their live together? Photo Booth Rentals Denver understands all the basics in having a spring wedding that is as vibrant as the season itself and with this in mind, here are some ideas in creating the ideal spring wedding that is to be remembered for a lifetime.

Taking advantage of the season

There might be some slight chill in the air, weddings should take advantage of the warmer weather and the natural beauty of the outdoors during the months of spring. Though the weather can be better, it is best to be mindful of the weather as it can become unpredictable.

Light, right and healthy food

Planning meals for a spring wedding is simple and easy as the season presents abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables to choose from. The classic favorites are steamed asparagus, salad greens and fresh snap peas. All of these choices can be drizzled with the dressing of your choice and will make a very good pairing for the main course. Now, it is the main dish that is where you can get creative and serve a variety of different cooking styles for some traditional meals. In staying safe, you can not go wrong with grilled chicken, lamb racks and some fish fillet. Be mindful of the dessert as no wedding is done right without it. Cheesecake topped with fresh fruit or some strawberries dipped in chocolate or even some lemon meringue tarts can be added to the dessert menu.

Finding you Flowers

Springtime is the best time for all those blossoming flowers. Flowers is also a good place to start and find inspiration in finding your theme colors. Let the season of spring inspire you with all the various florals that are showing up during the time such as tulips, lilies, daisies and roses. They also pair beautifully and will create an original and colorful arrangement.

Booking early

Suppliers and wedding vendors are more likely to be booked well in advance during this busy time for weddings. Be sure to contact, select and arrange all your favorites early; photo booth, caterers, venue, and even transportation. This way, you are saving yourself the potential disappointment and the heartaches if things do not generally go as planned. Today, most companies give you the extra convenience in securing the future date and holding the appointment with a deposit in advance so even if you are still planning for the menu, color, theme of your wedding, you can reserve away.